Tax Services

One of our principal objectives in tax services is constructive and creative tax planning. The tax planning problems of privately held business, its owners, and corporate executives represent an area of the Firm's special expertise. Tax ideas and developments of unique interest, not ordinarily available through commercial reporting channels, are provided to clients through our special tax bulletins, covering such subjects as year-end tax planning and new tax legislation. Treasury Department rulings, Congressional hearings, and court opinions are constantly reviewed to maintain current tax intelligence and to develop strategies to deal with upcoming issues.

Auditing and Accounting

Our auditing and accounting services consist primarily of audits, reviews, and compilations of financial statements and other special reports. By acquiring an intimate knowledge of our clients' business and industry and applying a "risk assessment" approach, we are able to provide an efficient and effective audit with the least amount of disturbance to your productivity. We assemble financial, tax, and information systems auditors on each engagement team to maximize effective communication. The results of our engagements often produce recommended procedural, organizational, and internal control improvements for more efficient operations, stronger financial structure, and enhanced accounting and administrative controls. It is our philosophy and practice to blend technical, practical, and business approaches during each engagement.

Advisory Services

Business Planning The process of business planning ranges from long-range strategic planning to active involvement in solving daily operational problems. Hardwick, Dunagan & Company, P.C. is able to offer these services by virtue of the Firm's commitment to employing and retaining professionals with the broad range of expertise and experience required to address the diverse needs of our clients.

Accounting System Solutions We set up, train and support QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro, Peachtree Complete Accounting for Windows, Net Ledger, Business Works, SBT Pro Series and many other accounting software packages. We will help you choose the right accounting software for your growing business.

Increasingly, it has become more important for businesses to take advantage of the internet to market themselves and remain competitive. If you are interested in e-commerce, sales automation, data integration and technology security issues, we can help. We can provide an accounting system solution that is integrated with your customized database applications and linked to your website.

As Certified Public Accountants, we strategically combine an ongoing and comprehensive knowledge of your particular business with technical expertise in the design of our accounting system solutions. Our knowledge of information technology and associated support systems allows us to provide unique solutions that can make a significant contribution to your business's bottom line. We can also work in conjunction with your existing hardware and software consultants. We understand the technology issues facing your company today.

Personal Financial Planning Hardwick, Dunagan & Company, P.C., believes that the most effective individual planning encompasses more than just income tax planning. Although the future is full of uncertainties, we know that comprehensive financial planning can minimize the impact of those uncertainties, affording our clients the greatest opportunity to achieve their desired goals.

Our role as financial planner is limited to planning. We do not sell products or receive commissions and are compensated for services strictly on an hourly basis.

Retirement Planning One of the most critical areas of financial planning for many executives and entrepreneurs is retirement planning. To assist individuals in their retirement planning, we work closely with them to determine their retirement needs.

Closely Held Business Advisory Our experience and expertise are available to clients on an as needed or a regular retainer basis. We are able to assist businesses and their principals in many diverse areas of financial management. Projects include revision of accounting departments, assistance in hiring financial employees, merger and acquisition consulting, financing business expansion programs, and a host of other advisory services.

Bookkeeping Services

Our Accounting Department is available to assist with day-to-day duties such as accounting, bookkeeping and the compilation of financial statements. We are available to assist on either a long or short-term basis using whatever capacity the situation requires. Our in-house accounting system is capable of providing virtually any financial statement layout requested, including current and year-to-date balances, current compared to prior, operations by month, and actual compared to budget. We have organized this department to fill the gap between management's reporting needs and in-house capabilities.